Business philosophy:

International quality, leading service

International quality: The company uses selected cutting-edge technologies and products from top-class international enterprises. The products are manufactured in strict accordance with GB/T 2820, ISO 8528 and other international standards on diesel generator set. Throughout the assembly of generator sets, the company improves product quality through continuous innovation, technical improvement and strict testing procedure. This ensures that Cooltech is famous for hi-tech and environment-friendly products and enjoys internationally advanced quality.

Leading service: Focusing on user experience, the company strives to improve its service before, during and after sales, increase the use of renewable energy in products, and provide customers with high-quality service.

Core values of products:

Reliability, Safety, Environmental-protection, Energy-saving

Reliability: Cooltech chooses engines, generators and main accessories from famous international brands to maximize the reliability of products;

Safety: Strict factory test and high level of insulation and protection can ensure the safe use of products;

Environmental-protection: The low noise, oil consumption and emissions of products ensure minimal impact on the environment;

Energy-saving: The company chooses energy-saving products with equivalent range of power as accessories.

Core values of enterprise:

Customer-oriented, Leading quality, People-centered, Innovation

Customer-oriented: Cooltech adopts a customer-centered approach to work, and sees customer satisfaction as the top priority;

Leading quality: Cooltech attaches great importance to quality, including work quality, product quality and service quality. Through constant quality improvement, the company aims to provide users with reliable and suitable products;

People-centered: Seeing talents as the most valuable resources, Cooltech fully respects all employees, and actively helps them develop;

Innovation: Cooltech stays committed to continuous innovation, adapting to complex and changing market environment, and pursuing constant development in an increasingly competitive market.

Vision of enterprise:

Elite team  Industrial leader

Elite team: Under the correct guidance of the board of the company and supported by a high-quality and robust management team, Cooltech is working to foster an elite team featuring excellent performance management.

Industrial leader: With this team, Cooltech is identified as a hi-tech enterprise in Shanghai, and passes the certification of international quality system, international environmental system and health and safety system. The company also has many technology patents and software copyrights as well as certificates of access to multiple industries. Cooltech is gradually emerging as an industrial leader comparable to well-known international brands.

Mission of enterprise:

Shouldering social responsibility,

Providing green, environmental and clean energy

Products: By technical innovation, the company has been improving the energy conservation and environmental friendliness of products, including hybrid energy system and distributed energy system with low oil consumption and noise. The company has carried out “Green Action Plan” strategic cooperation with China Mobile.

Social responsibility: Following the principle of care for society and supporting charity, we have participated in various relief missions and donations, including rescue and assistance for Southeast Asian tsunami in 2004, rescue and assistance for snow and ice disaster in southern China in 2008, rescue and assistance for 5.12 Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, power guarantee for 2008 Olympic Torch relay, rescue and assistance for 4.14 Yushu earthquake in 2010, donation for reconstruction follow 2011 Japan tsunami, donation for 2017 Ala Shan tree planting and donation for charity and poverty assistance in 2018.