Cooltech’s market strategy and goals:

Cooltech aims to become one of the representative enterprises with top comprehensive strength in China’s diesel generator set industry, and is working to develop “Cooltech” into a well-known brand in Asia’s diesel generator set industry. Despite internal and external hardships such as Asian economic crisis and global economic crisis over the past decade, the ship of Cooltech has sailed steadily in the forefront of the generator set industry. With the bell ringing of going public, Cooltech creates a miracle of rapid growth, and has become a non-replicable myth in the power source industry.

According to estimates of leading institutions, the global generator set demand will exceed $10 billion in 2015. Internationally, Cooltech has been making all-out efforts to promote four invention patents, i.e. environment-friendly and standard high-end intelligent product, power integration system for communication base station, nuclear safety class diesel generator set and low-noise vehicle-mounted power station, which account for about seventy percent of the revenue and enable the company to move forward in the competitive high-end market. The company’s 2017 revenue reaches CNY 1.05 billion, with gross profit rate far higher than the average level within the industry. With the continuous growth of domestic economy, domestic demand produces a pulling effect on the market. The market size will increase slightly in 2016 and 2017, and no significant decline is expected by 2020. As China’s urbanization proceeds quickly, Cooltech’s products will have promising prospect for application in such industries as communications, power, petroleum and petrochemical, civil aviation, transportation and finance.

After industrialization, Cooltech’s nuclear safety class generator set has been successfully used in China Experimental Fast Reactor, Guangdong Lingao nuclear power plant and other projects. Cooltech has become the first domestic enterprise to independently design and manufacture nuclear safety class power system. In addition, the company has inked supply contracts with many nuclear power projects. The company boasts a high brand reputation in nuclear backup power of up to 500kW. Cooltech has become the main supplier for such industrial giants as China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Huawei, ZTE, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, China General Nuclear Power Group and China National Nuclear Corporation, and has maintained good and long-lasting cooperative ties with famous enterprises in such industries as power plant, petroleum and petrochemical and civil aviation. After the equity investment project reaches the planned capacity, it is expected that the company’s production capacity and sales will see further boost, and its profit rate will maintain a high level within the industry.

Market positioning of Cooltech: “International Quality, Leading Service”

The generator set industry is an increasingly mature industry. With the continuous and quick growth of China’s economy and increasing requirements of industrial production and daily life for electricity quality, we have seen a large demand for power supply equipment. Power generation equipment not only has become a guarantee for daily electricity, but also serves as a strategic reserve for major events and disasters. Theoretically, power generation equipment, as widely applicable product, can be used in almost all the industries and households. However, Cooltech’s market strategy, from the very beginning, focuses on the selection and cooperation with high-end sectors.

Cooltech’s products have demonstrates four advantages in serving the high-end industry:

I. Intelligence. The product can remotely control and measure power stations through multiple means of communication. It has good man-machine interaction performance, automatic parallel operation function and black box function;

II. Environmental friendliness. From design and production, the product complies with international standards, and greatly reduces noise and waste gas. The company has participated in the formulation of relevant national standards;

III. Standardization. Cooltech is committed to aligning its products with top standard ones. The products reach the international level in terms of internal quality and external design;

IV. High quality. The company’s standard is higher than the maximum performance index G3 under the national standard, which explains its consistent quality and performance.


In high-end industries ,cooltech is working with Huawei, ZTE and other leading enterprises to quickly expand market network abroad. Cooltech has been warmly welcomed and received among users in Europe, the US, Middle East, Africa and Asia. The company has fostered brand strengths and good reputation, cementing its leading position within the industry. The company is ready to work with more like-minded friends to deepen cooperation. We hope to serve a broader world , lighting every corners and warming every hearts with the heat and light of generator set.