1、Environmental protection:

The company is committed to pollution prevention and source control, reducing the impact of production activities on surrounding environment in various links, and reducing the discharge of three wastes in every stage. Its environmental evaluation covers internal self-assessment and external expert evaluation.

(1)External expert evaluation:

The company hires an external organization to conduct annual test on three wastes (waste water, waste gas and noise).

(2)Internal self-assessment:

Individual departments carry out environmental impact analysis and evaluation.

2、 Energy conservation and environmental protection:

Following the principle of “greenness, environmental protection and energy conservation”, the company has expedited the industrialization of environment-friendly products and market expansion. With all of its superior resources, the company input great strength in new energy vehicle business, and fosters an industrial landscape featuring the parallel progress of power equipment manufacturing and new energy vehicle and the common and diversified development of relevant businesses, so as to enrich the source of revenue and profit.

(1)New energy vehicle business:

New energy vehicles enjoy strengths in environmental friendliness, are in line with the shift towards smart vehicles, contribute to expediting the transformation and upgrading of domestic energy industry, and enable China to take lead in planning for global new energy industry, so as to secure competitive edge in the new energy industry. Thus, vigorously developing the new energy vehicle industry is an effective tool for China’s automobile industry to achieve leapfrog and sustainable development, an important opportunity for the country to promote the development of the entire new energy industry, and an important measure to realize energy safety and environmental protection.

(2)New energy logistics vehicle operation business:

The company integrates existing resources and advantages such as traditional car rental company, vehicle manufacturer and charging equipment manufacturer, focuses on urban logistics, and uses nationwide operation and service network to provide express delivery, logistics and fresh food distribution customers with such services as car sales and rental, operation and maintenance and charging pile construction as well as comprehensive solutions for the promotion and use of new energy logistics vehicles.

(3)Manufacturing of core components for new energy vehicles:

The company specializes in the production of power battery pack, battery management system and vehicle controller and the supply of power system assembly; it is in the core link of the manufacturing of new energy special vehicles, and has good technologies such as BMS, Pack, vehicle control and power system development. While achieving the sales of power system, it also provides high-performance and low-price models for the company’s new energy logistics vehicle operation business, with the upstream and downstream linkage of the industrial chain taking shape.

(4)Hybrid energy system:

Cooltech’s hybrid energy system uses the linkage of wind power, PV power, battery and generator set backup power, and provides a reliable, environment-friendly, expandable, highly integrated and flexible solution for communication base station and other uninterrupted power supply settings. It can reduce up to 70% of cost, 


(1)Safety and reliability. Comply with EN60950 and GB4943.

(2)Well-developed AC/DC lightning protection design. Suitable for areas with frequent thunderstorms.

(3)Good EMC.

(4)Optimum system working mode, reduced use of AC distribution and priority use of wind power and PV system power supply

(5)Modular design of system

(6)Addition of long maintenance component of lubricating oil system. Conventional warranty period of 250 hours is extended over 1000 hours.

(7)Full utilization of renewable energy. Reduced fuel consumption of diesel generator set.

(8)Excellent hybrid energy control system and energy management system.

3、 Diversified training

Cooltech uses a two-pronged approach of online learning platform and internal trainer to combine online and offline training.

(1)Talent training model:

Combination of internal talent training and college talent training. The company has worked with many universities to establish a joint talent training model, set up a practical training base in Zhangjiang Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, and works with universities to build a new talent training system.

(2)Development of learning-oriented enterprise:

The company has improved training management system, introduced more incentive policies, and improved the reserve of such resources as trainers, talents, special courses and training files to continuously foster a learning-oriented enterprise. In order to better develop employees’ capability and strengthen its core competitiveness, Cooltech has provided systematic training for employees at all levels. Training files are established in light of each employee’s career development plan, so that employees can comprehensively enhance individual capability, enterprise capability and social capability.

 4、Rights and interests of employees:

(1)Fair employment:

We strictly control the recruitment process, uphold the principle of fair, transparent and public selection, and sign labor contracts with all employees. Through standard recruitment evaluation tools, we provide suitable posts for excellent university graduates and workers with professional experience, and help applicants analyze and choose posts that best suit individual career principle and development prospect. We have never discriminated against anyone for gender, ethnicity, age and health during the recruitment process.

(2)Fair environment for growth:

We adopt market-based pay, and make fixed payment based on employee’s post, market level, capacity and performance. Whoever achieves higher than average performance will get higher than average reward. In such fair environment for growth, we evaluate employees’ work performance and behavior in an objective manner, and regards standardizing performance management as fundamental to the decision making on talent selection, job adjustment, pay management and team composition.

(3)Unimpeded channel for promotion:

The company has identified a clear and well-developed channel for career development. On the basis of the single administrative promotion channel, we have developed a double-channel career development system to provide professional channel and management channel for all employees. This career development system provides a suitability-based promotion mechanism, which can better match employees with appropriate jobs, guarantee institutional fairness and suitability, and expand job development channel.

(4)Occupational health and safety:

Attaching great importance to the occupational health and safety of employees, we strictly monitor and manage the health hazards in all the workplaces in accordance with the requirements of OHSAS18001 management system, thus ensuring the health and safety of employees.

The company provides pre-job occupational disease prevention training for new employees, and educates them on how to correctly use occupational disease prevention equipment and personal occupational disease prevention articles. Moreover, the company provides regular or irregular occupational disease prevention training for current employees, strengthen their awareness of occupational disease prevention, and inform them of health knowledge through different channels.

As to production, the company collects actual requests from employees on labor protection articles, and ensures that they are equipped with suitable and qualified labor protection articles. During daily production and operation, the company’s safety management committee and safety director organize frequent maintenance and inspection of occupational disease protection equipment, emergency and rescue facilities and personal occupational disease protection articles, and undertake regular performance test to ensure that relevant articles are in good conditions. The company also organizes regular occupational disease examination for relevant employees, and undertakes regular safety training and emergency drill to ensure the health and safety of employees.

5、Care for staff:

(1)Diversified employee benefits

We provide basic welfare guarantee for employees in accordance with national laws, regulations and standards. In the sametime, we also provide employees with various extra benefits and assistance, and help and support employees facing hardship through multiple channels to ensure the happy growth and development of employees in Cooltech.

The labor union prepares thoughtful gifts and wishes for employees at festivals, public holidays and birthdays, and provides training and education for employees longing for self-development.

(2)Abundant employee activities

The company encourages employees to actively participate in various physical activities and advocate a healthy lifestyle.

The company’s labor union organizes annual travel and team-building activities, and enriches the sparetime life of employees with such interest groups as badminton, dance, basketball, football and book club.