Talent training

To have better development employees’ capabilities and strengthen the core competitiveness, Cooltech has provided systematic training for employees at all levels and positions, combining with their career development planning, setting up training files for each employee, so as to enable employees to achieve the overall improvement of their personal, corporate and social abilities.

Talent guarantee

To ensure that employees work happily, the company, based on talent guarantee, establishes a talent guarantee mechanism of well-developed pay system, benefit system and incentive system, follows Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, finds demand factors in light of different phases, creates a good working platform for talents, and encourages and realizes the sustainable development of employees and the enterprise.

On the basis of the enterprise development strategy, the company identifies job qualifications for different series, integrates the long-term development vision of the enterprise and the career goals of individuals, designs a clear and fair career development channel for employees, combines it with employee training and performance management to form a talent team building scheme for the enterprise, improves the sense of belonging among employees, and reduces employee turnover rate, in a bid to realize the sustainable development of human resources.

The process of jointly identifying career goals in light of individual demands with employees is, in fact, the value setting undertaken by the enterprise to attract talents with appropriate quality; career exploration of employees and organization defining custom-made career development strategy for employees can also be deemed as value development activities undertaken by the enterprise based on its demands and the needs of employees: The career evaluation and career goal correction by the organization and employees is the process of the organization scientifically evaluating the contributions made by employees to the organization and distributing value. Each link in the value chain of career development management also includes several human resource management modules required to fulfill corresponding functions. Value setting link includes organization survey module, configuration module and duty goal breakdown module; value development link includes such modules as work design, training and career channel; value assessment and distribution link includes such modules as performance management and overall payroll design. BOTE Consultancy believes that these three links are coordinated to integrate and activate the organization’s human resources from different perspectives.

The enterprise business strategy drives the organization’s career development planning and management. The value setting link in the career development and management value chain absorbs talents suited to different job types and levels and with appropriate quality to enter the enterprise, thus affecting the occupational quality characteristics of employees at various positions; the value development link is designed to align the knowledge and skills of employees with qualification requirements, thus ensuring that they are appropriate career behavior capacity; the value assessment and distribution link drives and strengthens the occupational behavior of employees. The standard conduct of employees promotes the realization of the enterprise’s business operation process, thus improving operation performance, driving profit and enhancing value.