Product presentation

Advantages of this series:
Quality engine from MITSUBISHI, a world famous brand, with alternator options as STAMFORD or LEROY SOMER;
Wide range of power;
Rigid and durable structure;
Good cold start performance;
Stable technology, good controllability;
Excellent noise reduction measure and device, smooth and quiet operation environment;
Multiple protection, safe operation;
Strong power, quick start-up, easy operation, convenient maintenance.
Characteristics of the engines of this series
The 3-cylinder to the 16-cylinder serialized, main parts normalized, reduced number of parts, simplified supply of parts;
Various special auxiliary units and partsfor various purposes;
High-efficiency turbocharger;
Driven by air motor or electrical motor; some models can also be directly started by compressed air.
Suitability for operation at high relative humidity or high altitude.

Product parameters