Product presentation

Advantages of this series:
Quality engine from JOHN DEERE, a world famous brand, with alternator options as STAMFORD or LEROY SOMER;
Excellent noise reduction measure and device, smooth and quiet operation environment;
High-efficiency compact design, low medical noise index for same power range;
Quick and reliable cold start capacity;
Multiple protection, safe operation;
Easy operation, convenient repair;
Good power per liter;
Scientific design, suitable for various complex working conditions and environments.
Characteristics of the engines of this series
The engine has 3-cylinder, 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder models. Air inlet modes include natural aspiration, charge and charge inter-cooling, which meet the requirements of engines with different power ranges for cylinder air inlet;
Engines are low-emission ones. The emission pollution is lower than the limits under TA Luft, CARB and EPA;
Simple maintenance of engine: Operation and inspection are conducted on the same side of the engine, thus facilitating operation and maintenance;
Engine uses 40°C radiator, which ensures that cooling system can properly function at high temperature, without reducing power output;
Electronic control unit for some type engines, which can improve the power output and emission index of engine and guide the maintenance of engine.

Product parameters